Our Approach

Our approach to fitness is prescriptive, individualized, and emphasizes life-long health benefits. Each client has different goals, physical conditions, interests and genetics.  Therefore, each individual needs a prescriptive fitness plan specifically designed to address these components.  Emphasis is placed on safe, smart movement with the appropriate balance of risk vs reward.


Fitness is not punishment for the dessert you ate or to make you hurt the next day. It is about training your body to meet the physical goals you have in life and to keep the systems of your body operating optimally throughout life. The STOTT PILATES ® statement “intelligent exercise, profound results” sums it up well!

STOTT Pilates®


Our approach to achieving your optimal physical condition is dependent on proper diet and nutrition, regular exercise and stress management.  Your plan to address these components should coordinate with and be in conjunction with the care plan determined by your primary care physician.

Each individual’s health risks, family history and  genetics are unique to them and should be factored into their wellness plan.

Weight Loss

Our approach is focused on long term, sustainable lifestyle changes.  Research has shown this is the most effective, safe and proven way to achieve and maintain weight loss.  We utilize an approach focused on making gradual, realistic changes to your diet under the supervision of a registered dietician and increasing your physical activity to not only burn calories and improve metabolism but to achieve a stronger more capable body to take on new challenges and live the active life you desire.

Fitness plans are determined by licensed physical therapists and can be carried out in part or whole at our facility, at home, or in partnership with other fitness facilities.

Weight Loss


Our approach is focused on whole body biomechanics, function and outcomes –for a lifetime.  How your rehabilitation is delivered and who delivers the service is just as important as the doctor you choose to diagnose your injury or perform your surgery.

The quality of your rehabilitation and consideration for integration of the injured joint(s) into function of the whole body is integral for optimal recovery and the best long-term and life-long outcome.

Sara and Linea showed me how really good physical therapists diagnose the source of pain, identify unused and overused muscles, activate the unused muscles, realign the body to provide balance, good posture and strength. We all have imbalances which can be addressed by physical therapy and Pilates.

C Tisdale

My primary goal was to eliminate the constant pain in my lower back. It was so severe that I could not sleep, sit for more than 5 minutes in any chair, had extreme difficulty walking (especially downhill), and play golf, a sport I have enjoyed for more than 50 years. At this time, all of my goals have been accomplished with my playing in a charity golf tournament. Thank you Sara!

L. Bolterstein

I came to Inspire in 2011 after years of missing Pilates, the best exercise I’ve ever experienced. At the same time, my left knee had reached serious deterioration, requiring full replacement. Thanks especially to Sara, Linea, Shannon and Samia, I essentially “trained” for my surgery. As a result, according to my surgeon, my recovery was three months faster than most of his patients.

D Besch