When I first came to Inspire, on the recommendation of a friend, I had just come out of back surgery and was still having difficulty even walking and I was still in pain. I came first for physical therapy with Linea who did a miraculous job in helping me not only to walk normally again but to also dance and play tennis again. I learned how to change my movement and to kick in my cores muscles to keep the pain at bay. I now take a variety of classes adding to my strength and flexibility in an effort to protect the progress I’ve made with my back and general movement.

– L. Pollard

I came to Inspire in 2011 after years of missing Pilates – the best exercise I’ve ever experienced. At the same time, my left knee had reached serious deterioration, requiring full replacement. Thanks especially to Sara, Linea, Shannon and Samia, I essentially “trained” for my surgery. As a result, according to my surgeon, my recovery was three months faster than most of his patients.

– D. Besch

When I started pilates I wanted to gain strength and improve my balance. By working one-on-one with Lane and attending Eleanore’s Pre and Post Natal Pilates on the Split Stability Chair class, I have not only increased my strength but expanded my understanding of the bodies ideal alignment and its relationship to my good balance. I am so glad I started pilates at Inspire Health! My only regret is that I wish I had started sooner!

– F. Zatcoff.

Sara and Linea showed me how really good physical therapists diagnose the source of pain, identify unused and overused muscles, activate the unused muscles, realign the body to provide balance, good posture and strength. We all have imbalances which can be addressed by physical therapy and Pilates.

– C. Tisdale

My primary goal was to eliminate the constant pain in my lower back. It was so severe that I could not sleep, sit for more than 5 minutes in any chair, had extreme difficulty walking (especially downhill), and play golf, a sport I have enjoyed for more than 50 years. At this time, all of my goals have been accomplished with my playing in a charity golf tournament, June 9, 2014. Thank you Sara!!

– L. Bolterstein

My goal was to find a type of exercise that would strengthen my body and that was proven to be effective. I could tell that my self-directed exercise was not keeping me strong as I aged. Through STOTT PILATES® I have become much fitter!

– N. Carson