Nutrition Wellness Program

As part of a complete wellness program, Inspire Health provides individualized and group nutrition counseling. With personal one-on-one attention, each client receives comprehensive nutrition assessment and coaching tailored to accommodate their specific needs, goals and lifestyle. Our registered dietician provides counseling services for clients with a variety of goals including:

  • Aiming for Better Health
  • Lifestyle Medicine and Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Weight Loss
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Prediabetes and Elevated cholesterol
  • Nutrition’s impact on Sleep and Mood Disorders

Services are available onsite at Inspire Health or in the convenience of a client’s home.

Online Nutrition Evaluation (ONE) – $35.00
The Online Nutrition Evaluation (ONE) uses Viocare, an online validated questionnaire that identifies average intake of key nutrients. The report will help to identify both good nutrition habits, and specific areas that need improvement.

Online Nutrition Evaluation + Review (ONE+R)– $75.00/30 minutes
This is a detailed review of nutrient data from your Online Nutrition Evaluation (ONE), combining it with your lifestyle and nutrition goals to provide a personalized nutrition roadmap. The ONE+R can be done after you have completed the ONE.

Total Wellness Optimization (TWO)– $250/60 minutes
The Total Wellness Optimization provides a comprehensive nutrition and wellness assessment, diagnosis and intervention plan. It includes the ONE online assessment, a review of health and nutrition histories, laboratory work, and supplements, as well as meal plans, goal setting, and recommended testing. (includes preassessment questions)

Online or in-person follow-up – $75.00/30 minutes

All services include free email questions and clarifications.

Education: Group classes are offered on various topics of interest.
Class topics include:

  • Introducing a Plant Based Diet
  • A Review of Direct to Consumer Laboratory Testing: What’s Worth it
  • Using Diet to Improve Gut Bacteria
  • Environmental Nutrition: What has Toxins and How Can Nutrition Help