Nashville STOTT PILATES® Instructor Training and Certification 

Our signature STOTT PILATES® education method is unparalleled in the industry for its thoroughness and quality.

Enhance your knowledge and expertise and increase your client base with a contemporary Pilates repertoire. You’ll be taught by experienced Instructor Trainers who can mentor you on your education path.Our training has often been called the “Ivy League” of Pilates education. It’s a reputation that we are proud of and a philosophy and method you can build a career on.

As a STOTT PILATES® Licensed Training Center near Nashville we are here to support new instructors, current students, and Certified Instructors throughout the phases of a STOTT PILATES® Instructor career. Our experienced and supportive Instructor Trainers and studio staff are here to facilitate an excellent education experience, enabling you to become a pilates professional and part of an elite group of certified fitness professionals.

Start Your STOTT PILATES® Training

Prerequisites for starting STOTT PILATES® Intensive Program

  1. a good working knowledge of functional anatomy, such as a college level anatomy course *or have taken STOTT PILATES® Functional Anatomy course offered at Inspire Health or another STOTT PILATES® LTC
  2. previous experience teaching movement or fitness
  3. minimum of 30 hours participation in pilates classes/workouts (any method)

Career Counseling or Questions
If you need guidance with your decision to become a STOTT PILATES® instructor and would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with a STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer, please complete this form and note “career consultation” in comment box. You will be contacted within 1 business day to schedule.

Application Process

  1. Decide if you are taking Intensive Mat Plus or Intensive Reformer to start your education. Refer to the STOTT PILATES® website for more detailed information on course content details.
  2. Complete application (Download Application) and send it along with 2 letters of recommendation and resume to
  3. Register for the course, find tuition rates, dates and details for each course by emailing or call 404.605.9091



Current Students

Continue your STOTT PILATES® Intensive Program Training by registering for our courses and workshops, and by getting exam assistance from us. Here’s how:

  • Register for Level I and II Intensive Courses
  • Add to your repertoire while you are working on your Certification with Workshops
  • Prepare for your Certification Exam with us. Observe in the studio by scheduling an observation time with us.
  • Schedule an Instructor Trainer Review Session
  • Rent equipment for self review
  • Schedule a Mock Exam
  • Take an Exam Prep Workshop offered periodically throughout the year


Register for Level I and II Intensive Courses
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To schedule exam assistance with us:
email: or call: 404.605.9091

Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor Continuing Education

Maintain your Certification by taking your CEC’s with us. View our schedule for workshops held in Atlanta, Nashville, and the Southeast US.

Contact us if you are interested in bring STOTT PILATES® workshops to your studio by emailing Terese Thomas at

Achieve Specialist designation and take your Certification to the next level

Take 8 workshops in any of the following categories:

  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Golf Conditioning
  • Post Rehabilitation Conditioning
  • Active for Life
  • Pre & Post Natal
  • Group Matwork
  • Group Equipment
  • Dance

Enroll in Injury and Special Populations to equip yourself with the knowledge required to address a broad range of physical challenges among your clients. Completion of ISP is required for full STOTT PILATES® Certification.

Refresh and review with an Instructor Trainer Review session. Schedule this session conveniently online.


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For further assistance please contact us:
email: or call: 404.605.9091


The Rehabilitation program is specifically for licensed health care professionals wishing to integrate modified STOTT PILATES® exercises for injury prevention and rehabilitation into their practices. Therapists learn a systematic movement based approach to neuromuscular re-education and are taught to observe and understand optimal and non-optimal movement strategies, and how these strategies correlate with pain and pathology. *Neuromotor training principles guide the therapeutic exercise selection and progressions. **Participants also learn how to facilitate the patient’s cognitive involvement in rehabilitation through cuing techniques and tactile facilitation.

For questions regarding the STOTT PILATES ® REHAB Courses and Application Process email

Download Application
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* (Hodges and Moseley 2003 Richardson et al 1998, Sahrmann 2002)
** (Richardson et al, 1998; Tsao & Hodges, 2007; Tsao et al, 2010a, Tsao et al, 2010b)