Terese Thomas

Vice President


STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor
ZEN•GA® Qualified Mat and Equipment Instructor
Total Barre™ Instructor

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Terese, a former professional ballet dancer, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Georgia State University in 2001. During her dance career she became familiar with the teaching of Joseph Pilates. She practiced the classical method of pilates for several years and felt like something was missing with the training. It wasn’t until she started work at Inspire Health in 2006 that she discovered STOTT PILATES®. After working at Inspire Health as the Client Service Manager, she decided she wanted to go back to her roots and pursue a career in STOTT PILATES® through Inspire Health’s apprentice program.

Terese is a full Level 1 STOTT PILATES® Certified instructor. Along with STOTT PILATES®, Terese is certified in the CORE BARRE method and has held a personal training certificate through the American Aerobic & Fitness Association. Terese currently teaches adult ballet at the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education as well. Because Terese has been teaching ballet in the metro Atlanta area for over 15 years, her training and real-world experience provide her with a greater understanding of the body and how it moves. Terese’s clients love her enthusiasm and her eye for detail that her dance background brings to their workouts.