I’m attending the American Physical Therapy Association annual conference in Charlotte this week and am trying to soak up as much as I can of the immense amount of information available.  In one day I was in sessions introducing the annual fitness physical, neuromuscular control dysfunction (knees in particular) and cervical and thoracic spine involvement with pelvic floor dysfunction.  I love the diversity of topics and can’t wait to get back to Inspire to share what I’ve learned with my colleagues and start putting it to use with clients.

One thing strikes me throughout all of these presentations- despite the diversity of topics.  Americans need to MOVE more!  Not a big surprise, right?  But think about these two facts presented to me yesterday:

75% of the 2.47 Trillion healthcare dollars spent are due to lifestyle choice!

Quadriceps muscle strength predicts disability and quality of life!

When presented time and time again with the statistics for health care costs related to poor lifestyle choices or the shocking correlations between disability, mortality and certain fitness tests or disease states like knee arthritis, I am filled with a sense of URGENCY.  I hope you are too!

I feel urgency to get my clients stronger and to a physical and emotional state where they are actively managing their health and fitness status independently.  Urgency to dispel the myth that breaking down your body with exercise is good and how we move doesn’t matter. And I am urgently trying to compel physicians to see physical therapists as the perfect healthcare provider to fill their prescription of “exercise more and lose weight”.

I’m headed back to Atlanta re-energized and fueled to continue our mission at Inspire Health.  Maybe you too will start feeling a little more urgency in your daily life? Urgency for you to stay strong, move as much as possible and care for your body like it is the only one you will ever have!

If you need help getting started or staying on track….you know where we are!