Pilates for Athletic Performance Enhancement

Pilates for Athletic Performance

Athletes are known and admired for their power, speed, precision, control and high level mental focus to achieve success at whatever level they are competing. To develop these characteristics training, conditioning, and lots of practice are involved. It is extremely common for even young athletes to have trainers for off season training, and professional athletes…

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Pilates As A Resistive Exercise Method

Pilates Resist Method

The first question is usually “What is pilates anyway? Is it like yoga?” After explaining that pilates has numerous pieces of equipment and poses aren’t held but that it is a fluid movement method focusing on core strength, body control and awareness, range of motion of joints, and stretching- then we get to the fact…

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Every Body is a Pilates Body.

Stott Pilates Private Session

The images of long thin limbs, toned abs and Hollywood looks as prerequisites to be a pilates devotee are just plain bunk. Although Joseph Pilates himself had many ballerina’s and actresses as clients, what he professed and was so passionate about was the health benefits of his method for the average person. He was far…

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Sara’s Corner: For the Love of Pilates

Our love of pilates, in particular STOTT PILATES®, is pretty obvious.  It is at the core of what we do.  If  you come to us for fitness, it may  surprise you to know we use pilates as part of our physcial therapy program and many of my physical therapy clients are curious to know why we…

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Sara’s Corner: Prehabilitation is the New Word

There’s a new word floating around in the physical therapy world; prehabilitation. The concept of preparing your body physically for a planned surgery, usually a joint replacement or other orthopaedic surgery, but really it could be any planned surgery or procedure.  Research is starting to show there is benefits to this in the way of…

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