Pilates As A Resistive Exercise Method

The first question is usually “What is pilates anyway? Is it like yoga?” After explaining that pilates has numerous pieces of equipment and poses aren’t held but that it is a fluid movement method focusing on core strength, body control and awareness, range of motion of joints, and stretching- then we get to the fact that it is essentially a form of resistive exercise. That your own body weight, or bands, rings, balls, or spring tension are used as resistance to strengthen muscle and load bone and connective tissue. Most people think of lifting weights in a traditional gym as the only type of resistive or weight training exercise, but pilates is also included in the category of resistive exercise.

What we like about pilates is that it is the resistive exercise we know is good for maintaining bone density and muscle mass, which is crucial for active aging, and it incorporates so much more! While promoting the mind-body connection, it also challenges balance, coordination, lengthens muscles, increases range of motion in joints and works the small muscles that stabilize our spine and pelvis. It is hard to believe one form of exercise can do so much, but it is true and it is why so many people love their pilates sessions!