Sara’s Corner: For the Love of Pilates

Our love of pilates, in particular STOTT PILATES®, is pretty obvious.  It is at the core of what we do.  If  you come to us for fitness, it may  surprise you to know we use pilates as part of our physcial therapy program and many of my physical therapy clients are curious to know why we use STOTT PILATES® in our treatments.  I want to tell you why we love STOTT PILATES® as much as we do and why it is an integral part of the spectrum of services we offer.

  1. STOTT PILATES® is for everyone. The equipment we use, the training our instructors receive, and the knowledge of pathology and movement dysfunction our physical therapists have allows us to make pilates accessible and beneficial for every kind of body with a wide array of abilities. Clients who are cross training for competitive sports, those with injuries, those with chronic conditions, and those  staying fit for an active life at any age, all use our pilates program with great success.
  2. The essence of STOTT PILATES ® promotes and teaches body sustainability. Our goal for anyone who comes to us is to improve  their posture and movement patterns for optimal biomechanics while building strength, flexibility and balance.
  3. You will never be bored or stop being challenged. STOTT PILATES® is the most dynamic and evolving movement methods I have  experienced.  As many of our clients can attest, once you master one exercise there is always another that provides an increased level of mental and physical challenge. This makes it a lifelong practice method that can adapt to every phase or challenge in your life.

There are many more reasons I could share. I chose these because they are the universal reasons that are life changing for so many of our clients.  If you have someone in your life you think could benefit from STOTT PILATES® and what we offer at INSPIRE HEALTH share it with them.  Sharing pilates love is always a good thing!

With Love,