Sara’s Corner: Prehabilitation is the New Word

There’s a new word floating around in the physical therapy world; prehabilitation. The concept of preparing your body physically for a planned surgery, usually a joint replacement or other orthopaedic surgery, but really it could be any planned surgery or procedure.  Research is starting to show there is benefits to this in the way of improved function after surgery, faster recovery time, and better outcomes overall.  While the word is new, the concept certainly isn’t new to us at Inspire Health.

We have been working with clients to prepare for joint replacements and spine surgery for years.  Clinical pilates with a PT and STOTT PILATES® in general are particularly focused on the elements of prehabilitation that other forms of exercise may not emphasize.  Neuromuscular re-education, focused exercise to improve the connection of the nerve and the muscle to produce improved muscle strength, joint function and biomechanics, is an integral part of every STOTT PILATES ® exercise.  It is this mindbody focus with each carefully selected exercise and a whole body workout that helps to maximize the abilities of the body before surgery and create the groundwork to begin rehabilitation after surgery.

Many of our clients in classes today or in a private session next to you in the studio are those who have benefited from prehabilitation with PTs and STOTT PILATES® at Inspire Health. We love moving clients along the continuum of our services to full, active, healthy lifestyles.  I guess we officially get to add one more stop on that continuum now, prehabilitation!