Atlanta Traffic Crisis Rescue Kit: Part I – Mindful Meditation & Nutrition

Blood pressure is rising, patience is wearing thin, and backs are aching on roads across Atlanta. We all need a strategy for getting through the next 6 weeks- hopefully not any longer! Inspire Health is delivering you a traffic rescue kit for mind and body. Implement it daily and we promise you will mitigate the stresses of the 85 bridge collapse and maybe even end up with some new healthy habits.


Create a bubble of Zen around your car and keep the road ragers from entering your mental space. Arrive at work or home with a sense of calm and intention that allows you to rock the rest of your workday or evening at home.


Geoff West
from Geoff West, LMT

If you find yourself getting irritated or “tensions running high” in the group of travelers surrounding you try redirecting your attention.

  • Try wishing the other travelers safe passage to their loved ones and family, their daughters and sons, parents and grandparents, romantic partners and friends. Or that they are eager to arrive at their job so they may care for their families, arrive at their passion so they may save for that vacation they’ve planned.
  • You can also try looking to the natural beauty that’s around you and relax your eyes. Listen with your eyes, feel with your eyes… Look to the clouds, the sky, the trees and grasses. Simply gaze and admire your surroundings.


Put a stop to the post commute stress eating by stocking your car with snacks to keep you satisfied, energized and fueled for the day. Nothing good happens when you hit a blood sugar low while stuck on 285.


Sarah Marjoram
from Sarah Marjoram, MS, RDN, LD

Eating well is all about having a plan and being prepared. The ideal car snack is something non-perishable and nutritious. Keep pre-portioned servings of homemade trail mix with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Fresh, whole fruit is also a great option. You can pass the time while peeling your mandarin orange. I also advise having a large water bottle in the car for hydration at all times. In fact, it’s best to keep several water bottles.

Download the Atlanta Traffic Crisis Rescue Kit