What is Diastasis Recti Abdominis? (DRA)

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“This is just what happens when you have kids.” Words that make every pelvic floor PT cringe. Urinary leakage, pelvic pain, and weaker abdominals are not conditions you need to suffer through after child birth. Even conditions like abdominal separation or Diastasis Recti can be treated with physical therapy.  What is Diastasis Recti Abdominis? A…

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What is INDIBA


In the fall of 2019 we made an exciting new investment at Inspire Health to support our clinical practice by adding INDIBA services as part of our Physical Therapy regiments. The INDIBA Activ CT9 is a medical device that converts electrical current to a specific frequency of 448 kHz to help reduce pain and swelling,…

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Is Dry Needling the same as Acupuncture?

It is a natural assumption that because the same needles are used for both acupuncture and dry needling that they are equivalent or the same treatment with different names. However, dry needling and acupuncture are two separate treatments, with distinct approaches and purposes. Dry needling is when a trigger point in a muscle is identified…

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Pilates for Athletic Performance Enhancement

Pilates for Athletic Performance

Athletes are known and admired for their power, speed, precision, control and high level mental focus to achieve success at whatever level they are competing. To develop these characteristics training, conditioning, and lots of practice are involved. It is extremely common for even young athletes to have trainers for off season training, and professional athletes…

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Pilates As A Resistive Exercise Method

Pilates Resist Method

The first question is usually “What is pilates anyway? Is it like yoga?” After explaining that pilates has numerous pieces of equipment and poses aren’t held but that it is a fluid movement method focusing on core strength, body control and awareness, range of motion of joints, and stretching- then we get to the fact…

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Every Body is a Pilates Body.

Stott Pilates Private Session

The images of long thin limbs, toned abs and Hollywood looks as prerequisites to be a pilates devotee are just plain bunk. Although Joseph Pilates himself had many ballerina’s and actresses as clients, what he professed and was so passionate about was the health benefits of his method for the average person. He was far…

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Posture Perfect – How posture impacts your health.

Perfect Posture

This may be hard to hear, but your mom was right. Your posture matters. And not just for the reasons your mom may have harped on you for, it matters for your health too. Let me convince you to take notice of your posture, in particular, the upper and mid back, the region called your…

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What is Fascia?

Anatomically, fascia is a combination of connective tissue (think gauze) and ground substance (think water) that seem to function compartmentally and hydraulically in service to all the systems of the body in natural everyday functioning and performance. The founder of Myofascial Release, John Barnes, defines it as “very densely woven, covering and interpenetrating every muscle,…

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What to Expect at Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

What to expect at physical therapy

Physical therapy treatment is a bit different at Inspire Health compared to the traditional outpatient physical therapy clinic, this is probably why you decided to seek treatment with us. You may be wondering what to expect on your first visit and how to be prepared. Pre-Appointment Prior to your appointment, you will receive an email…

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Sara’s Corner: Ode to a New Year

Welcome 2016!  I’m embracing you with open arms and a hopeful heart!  You may ask that I make a resolution to set myself straight for your duration, but I refuse. I’m just not that kind of woman.  I don’t make declarations of rigidity in my life and I don’t set myself up for failure.  I…

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