The Power of a Little

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’ve been thinking about resolutions and making changes.  I cringe while thinking about having to endure being bombarded for the next month with extreme diet and exercise programs to change your body, your life, your brain, your looks, etc.   Have you ever tried one of these as a New Year’s resolution?  Didn’t work out so well, did it?

Reflecting on what has worked for me over the years, with two young children, a business, household, family and friends to keep up with, how do I meet my health and fitness goals? What strategy has been the most effective in keeping a healthy lifestyle?   I decided the answer is a “little”.  I make little changes but do them consistently. 

Ever since having my son 3 years ago, I found it impossible to find 1-2 consecutive hours several times a week to exercise.  My solution?  A little movement every day, it may mean doing my bathroom work out  at 10pm for fifteen minutes, but it gets done. What are the results from a little every day? A body that feels good, works for me, and a figure I’m proud of. 

So what about the power of a little?  A little change you keep up every day? A little change kept up over time can yield a substantial result.  Little can be powerful.