Vennie Shen



STOTT PILATES ® Certified Instructor

Vennie Shen
Inspire Health

Vennie began her journey with Pilates in China when she discovered the total mind/body connection benefited her greatly in her busy marketing consulting and corporate management roles. The understanding and appreciation of Pilates deepened when her mother received physical therapy that included Pilates as part of her difficult recovery from spine fusion surgery. Vennie witnessed not only the therapeutic effect, but also physical strength and mental comfort her mother displayed from the control and intention of each movement.

After spending years encouraging friends and family to experience Pilates for themselves, Vennie decided to become a trainer so she could personally introduce this functional movement to anyone that might benefit.

She is a true believer of STOTT PILATES® philosophy that effective, responsible and mindful exercise is the foundation of a better life. She received her STOTT PILATES® training at Inspire Health and joined the Inspire team as an apprentice until obtaining her certification. Vennie is excited for the opportunity to share her passion for Pilates with clients.